Relax at your private plunge pool at Esperas Santorini Hotel

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How to build a plunge pool for cheap!

Documenting the process of building a concrete plunge pool in Mexico for under USD $3800. Step by step, how to do it.

Pool Suite October 2016

Astra Suites

Can a Fiberglass Pool Be Installed Above Ground? Watch as Jason Hughes of River Pools shows off the customization of their fiberglass pools in answering the question "Can a freeform, fiberglass pool be installed above ground?"

Small Pool Ideas in Your Backyard

A backyard swimming pool is not too different in this regard, as those who actually do not have one often crave at least a small pool that allows them to cool off on a hot summer day. Adding a petite pool to your small backyard need not be a challenging and complex affair, and the result will often leave you amazed, as you will discover a brand new hangout just a few steps away from your living room! With concepts such as ‘staycation’ becoming even more popular in recent times, the small pool has definitely made its way into more urban backyards. All you need is a hint of ingenuity, smart planning and just enough space to squeeze in a small pool. From health and fitness to rest and recreation, you will soon find that this tiny wonder will change your entire life. Clean and Contemporary Since most modern homes adopt a simple, clean design with straight lines and cubic forms ruling the interior, the landscape around your house should be no different. Let the small pool seem like an extension of the home and shape a lovely deck that acts as a transitional zone between the edifice and the pool. Even though you might not be swimming away in a giant lap pool, the classic rectangular design still gives you the satisfaction of having a beautiful pool in the backyard, even if it is far smaller in dimensions. The rectangular, in-ground pool is a classic that never fails, and you can start with one that is as small as 9 by 18 feet. Fall in Love with Curves! Not a conformist at heart? Not to worry, as there are plenty of other options that go beyond the classic rectangle. Circular pools, those with semi-circular designs and ones in irregular shapes with cool twists and turns are becoming more popular with each day. Instead of offering a sterile, modern vibe, these pools (when combined with natural stone and the right canopy) can mimic the dreamy ambiance of a tropical retreat right in your backyard! The exotic design along with some amazing lighting will also help you look past the fact that the pool is relatively small in size. Much like in the world of fashion, curves are definitely sexy in the world of small pools! Think Depth! I can already hear some of our readers asking us how to fit a pool in a backyard that is even smaller than those showcased in the inspirations above. Well, we have got two words for you all – plunge pool. Plunge pools require very little square footage and rely more on depth than on width and length. Smart modern designers and contractors have come up with several ways that you can easily add a plunge pool to the backyard without worrying about compromising on deck area. While some might prefer a Jacuzzi instead of a dipping pool, we strongly suggest you opt for the latter. They are easy to maintain, aid in improving your health and of course, allow you to relax in style. Holiday at Home Do not just think about the small pool while planning your backyard. Work out how it fits into your overall lifestyle, how much deck space you really need for all those summer and fall parties, and how the style of the pool reflects that of the home itself. Even a petite pool does not stand in isolation, so think about a matching deck area, maybe an outdoor dining space or barbecue area for some great family evenings, and even a pool house if you can afford the luxury. A small pool will definitely transform the backyard into a far more happening spot.

Snakes in My Natural Swimming Pool

Mum teaching new born to swim in our pool .Mum a Diamond back Python goes first followed by junior.Our pool is a natural swimming pool,(no chemicals) so there are plenty a frogs and lizards to snack on.When they are not in the pool they live in the space above the kitchen roof and keep knocking the downlights out.Bless em no mice

Relax at your private plunge pool at Esperas Santorini Hotel in Oia and experience unique Caldera views.

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