Top 10 Cheapest Countries To Live In The World | 2018

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Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World 2017

► Please Remember to Subscribe! ► ► Follow me on Twitter: ► Facebook: ----------------------------------------­----- Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World 2017. It is in the nature of every person of the world that they want to live in the happy and peaceful places, so peace in any country is measured by Global Peace Index and GPI will absolutely help people before travel in any part of the world. So in this context, Global Peace Index report from the Institute of Economics and Peace which is able to show the comparative level of peace in 162 countries because they prepare list of 162 countries with their GPI level every year. They rank countries on the basis of different indicators including absence of war, schooling, relations with neighboring states, contributions in keeping peace level of United Nation, level of violent crime and many others. 10: Slovenia 9: Japan 8: Canada 7: Switzerland 6: Czech Republic 5: Portugal 4: New Zealand 3: Austria 2: Denmark 1: Iceland ----------------------------------------­----- Music: ----------------------------------------­----- We do NOT own all the materials as well as footages used in this video. Please contact for copyright matters! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Thanks for watching!


SAY THANKS w COFFEE & CAKE: or SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL MONTHLY: LIVING IN THAILAND VS PHILIPPINES vv More Info Down Here vv Having lived in Thailand for several years and now briefly visiting the Philippines for a few weeks. We discuss 'Living In Thailand Vs The Philippines', our Initial observations and thoughts on whether the Philippines would be a serious contender for our expat life in the future. In this video we talk about the things that we have seen during our short trip to the Philippines and how they compare to our life in Thailand. Including first impressions, cleanliness, safety, the Filipino people and culture, is the tap water safe to drink, Filipino food, language barriers, hospitals, fuel prices, hotels, buying cars, renting cars, using a chauffeur service, road conditions, the climate and weather, the cost of living, duel pricing systems for foreigners, public transport, imported foods, shopping malls, armed guards and the general standard of life in the Philippines. We also interview Rob, Sacha's father who has been visiting the Philippines multiple times a year for 9 years. He has a Filipino fiance Luz and has a house in Cavite city Manila that he shares with Luz and her family. We felt that his opinion of the country would be less rose tinted and more definitive having spent much longer with the people. Rob intends to retire to the Philippines in the near future when he is finished with work in the UK, and has already had some interesting experiences. :-) We obviously couldn't cover every subject in this video and we wish we had more time to spend in the Philippines so that we could have a deeper understanding of expat life in this amazing country. But we definitely intend to return and see what else the Philippines has to offer. If our videos or blog have helped you in any way and you want to 'say thanks'. We have a little thing set up where you can say thank you with coffee and cake. All that caffeine and sugar helps us to keep making these vids for you guys ;-) VLOG CAMERA = SLR CAMERA = SAY THANKS w COFFEE & CAKE: Or if you are serious about keeping 8 Miles From Home & A Day In The Life Going, You can become a Patron and support our channel monthly here: Watch more of our Video series here: VLOG BEHIND THE LENS: CINEMATIC 8 MILES FROM HOME: SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: REALTIME: Find Out More ABOUT US: YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: CAMERAS & EQUIPMENT: PLACES WE GO MAP: WHO WE ARE: British Vloggers Sacha & Jmayel present '8 Miles From Home', a unique cinematic representation of a real life adventure. Following the lives of a Man, Woman & Dog on their travels. We also share 'A Day In The Life' which is a behind the scenes and more realistic viewpoint of our journey as expats in Asia and beyond. Subscribe to stay up to date. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE & COMMENT IF YOU ENJOYED THIS PRODUCTION BY 8 MILES FROM HOME. New videos every Tuesday and Saturday. For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via email. TAGS: THAILAND VS PHILIPPINES, THAILAND VLOG, VLOG, BRITISH, MOVING TO THAILAND, LIVING IN CHIANG MAI, LIVING IN CHIANG RAI, LIVING IN THAILAND, EXPAT, THAILAND VIDEO, EXPAT LIFE, REAL LIFE, EXPATS, LIVING IN BANGKOK, LIVING IN THE PHILIPPINES 8MFH MERCHANDISE:

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5 Countries who will pay you to live there !!

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The 10 Cheapest Countries To Live In The World For 2018.
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Living in an foreign country for months at a time gives a person the ability to work and enjoy the new surroundings.
Designing, writing, programming, teaching English, or working in the hospitality industry is an ideal way to make a living abroad.
Many are even choosing to retire in these faraway lands because the cost of living is more affordable than living in the United States.
With the American dollar strong compared to other currencies, moving or retiring abroad could be a smart strategy to stretch your retirement savings further.

If you're looking for a super-thrifty place to live with dirt-cheap housing, low-cost groceries and wallet-friendly utility bills,
look no further than Numbeo's Cost of Living Index, which rates the affordability of each country according to the people who live there.
Here are the 10 cheapest countries to live in the world for 2018.
1. South Africa.
2. India. (Note: India is home to 1.25 billion residents, not 25 billion. I'm sorry about my mistake.)
3. Slovakia.
4. Romania.
5. Saudi Arabia.
6. Bosnia-Herzegovina.
7. Nepal.
8. Paraguay.
9. Bulgaria.
10. Kazakhstan.

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