Man To Woman - Makeup Transformation Boy To Beauty Queen ✔

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Male to Female Transition | 1.5 Year Update | SamanthaLux

NEW VERSION: ❤︎ INSTAGRAM: @ sxmxnthxlux hi everyone!! i hope you like enjoy watching my journey so far, looking back on it I can reaally see how crazy my life has been the past year and a half. i'm so thankful to have so many people in my life that care about me; my friends, family, you guys!.. thank you so much. i wouldn't be the girl i am today without all of you. ❤︎ SUBSCRIBE ❤︎ LIKE ❤︎ SHARE ❤︎ song information: Dance, Don't Delay by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:


MINDBLOWING BEAUTY TIPS We can never get enough beauty tips and hacks in order to be satisfied with our look, everyone needs more and we are here to deliver. In this video, we have everything from beauty tips to quick hairstyle hacks and styling tips. Watch our video to get some inspiration on how to do your makeup using mindblowing hacks or how to achieve the perfect beach waves using a plastic bottle. For the first video, we show you an awesome way to achieve the perfect beach waves using a plastic bottle. You first cut a rectangle on the side of a large plastic water bottle. Then, you cut the neck of the bottle off to make sure there is enough airflow while doing this hack. Finally, you place a hair strand in the bottle and then you place your blow dryer through the rectangle and you start blow drying your hair. You will see that you can achieve an awesome wavy hairstyle in minutes We also show you an awesome hack for your eyelashes since they can be a nightmare to curl. You take your eyelash curler and you warm it up using your lighter. Then, you touch the curler to make sure it is not burning hot and you curl your eyelashes. The heat from the curler will lift your lashes even more. This will give you the perfect eye-makeup look. If you are struggling to line your lips, then try using a spoon as a stencil. Place it on your bottom lips to give your lips the perfect curves and for the top lip use a bobby pin to create the much-desired heart shape. You can also create your very own ombre lipstick by using this little hack. Firstly, pick your two favorite lipstick colors and using a cutter slice them through the middle vertically. Then take the front part and place it at the front of the other lipstick color. Then using a candle flame or a lighter hold them both in place until they melt back into shape and voila. Your very own beautiful ombre lipstick with minimum effort and spectacular results. You can also fix a broken lipstick by using a candle flame as well just as we demonstrate in the video. Did you know that you can create your own mascara using an old eyeshadow? Try this makeup trick and it will change your makeup game. Take an old eyeshadow pan and brake the eyeshadow until there are no lumps left in the pan. Then, take some vaseline using a clean brush and transfer it into the eyeshadow pan. Mix the two together until they become a paste and apply it on your lashes. You can try this using a black eyeshadow or even a brown eyeshadow. The choice is yours. Watch our whole video to discover awesome face yoga tricks to get rid of a double chin. In addition, we have amazing hairstyles that you can try for a night out look or even amazing and clothing hacks that will help you fix your clothes in a heartbeat. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Timestamps: 0:37 - Mirrorless lipstick 0:47 - Quick beach waves using a cup 2:28 - How to fix slipping tights 3:35 - DIY ombre lipstick 4:15 - DIY brow powder using almonds 6:16 - How to get rid of double chin 7:40 - Eyebrow fixative 7:47 - Hairspray hacks 9:09 - Bobby pins hacks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music by Epidemic Sound: Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: The Bright Side of Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: Music by Epidemic Sound:

Top 10 beautiful ladyboy in thailand 2017, Thai Lady Boy

This is not an official ranking This is as it were in view of the uploader's close to home conclusion. ----------------------- Top 10 beautiful ladyboy in thailand 2017, Thai Lady Boy ----------------------- Top 10 beautiful ladyboy in thailand 2017 1.Nong Poy 2. Mo Jiratchaya Sirimongkalnawin 3.Chananchida Rungpetcharat 4.Nisamanee nutt 5. Tanyarat “Film” Jirapatpakon 6.Ratchada “Amy” Krutramet 7. Pitchanan “Ploy” Srisawaspakorn 8.Siripatsorn “Sammy” Atthayakorn 9.Ratrawee “Kaitong” Jiraprapakul 10.wanmai thammavong ----------------------- Wacth more video : Thai actors vs filipino actors ------------------ Thai actors vs filipino actors II ----------------- Thai actors vs filipino actors III ----------------- Thai Actors Vs Korean Actors ---------------- Thai Actors vs Korean Actors II ---------------- Thai Actresses Vs Korean Actresses ---------------- Thai Actresses Vs Korean Actresses II ---------------- Top 10 Most Handsome KPOP Idol 2017 --------------- Top 10 Most Handsome Thai Actors --------------- Top 10 Most beautiful vietnamese girls in 2017 --------------- Top 10 beautiful grils in filipines --------------- Top 10 most beautiful korean girls 2017 --------------- Top 10 Most Beautiful thai actress 2017 --------------- Top 10 Most Handsome filipino actors in 2017 --------------- Top 10 Most Beautiful japanese actresses 2017 --------------- Top 10 Most Handsome japanese actors 2017 --------------- Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood actresses 2017 --------------- Top 10 Most Handsome Hollywood actors 2017 --------------- Taylor Swift Street Style fashion style Top+40 ---------------- kate upton style and fashion style ---------------- justin bieber street style fashion style ---------------- Top 10 most beautiful chinese actress 2017 ---------------- Top 10 most handsome chinese actors 2016-2017 ---------------- Top 10 Most beautiful indonesian actress 2017 --------------- Top 10 sexiest korean kpop Girls 2017 -------------- Top 10 most beautiful bollywood actresses 2017 -------------- Top 10 thai actresses without makeup vs makeup -------------- Top 10 korean actress without makeup ------------------- Top 10 Most beautiful taiwanese actress 2017 ------------------ Top 10 Most beautiful singapore actress 2017 ----------------------- Thai actress vs Filipino actress 2017 ----------------------- Top 10 Most handsame taiwanese actors 2017 ----------------------- Top 10 Most beautiful pakistani actress 2017 ----------------------- 10 Things you dont know about Mario maurer ---------------------- Top 10 beautiful and hottest women of the world 2017 ---------------------- Top 10 most handsome tomboy in thailand 2017 ---------------------- Thanks for watching! Leave a comment Likes And Shares Subscribe! If you Like This Channel! -----------------------

100 YEAR OLD lady made YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL again!

Very, very old lady restored to her former youth and beauty. Want your photo edited? Check out: Business Contact: Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Song: Is there anyone left? ( by Galt Aureus ( -- FAT girl gets SKINNY and hot: REAL woman transformed into BARBIE: How to look like the girls in magazines: BIG FAT MAN turned into a BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS: -- Photo Credit: linh.ngan. Photo authorized for commercial use under CC BY-2.0, more info:

Power of makeup man to woman look like beauty queen have glamour and sexy ^^
Miss Universe inspired Makeup transformation boy to girl / Makeup ✔ :
Makeup & Fashion Christmas for Crossdresser / Makeup ✔
Power of makeup | Boy to Gorgeous Girl transformation / Makeup ✔
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