Abiy Zema - New music Video 2018 - Dedicated to Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali

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Addis Mulat - Hageren | ሃገሬን - New Ethiopian Music Dedicated to Dr Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopian Music : Addis Mulat | አዲስ ሙላቱ - Hageren | አዲስ ሙላቱ - New Ethiopian Music Dedicated to Dr Abiy Ahmed (Official Video) Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+hoplessable Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HopeMusicEthiopia/ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/hopemuisc/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/HopeMusicEnt Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/hoplessable Check Out New Ethiopian Musics, Ethiopian Comedy and More Ethiopian Entertainment Videos by Subscribing Here: http://goo.gl/vdthqb unauthorised use, distribution and re upload of this content is strictly prohibited Copyright ©2018 Hope Music

"ሐሳብ አለው ለማ" ለለማ መገርሳ አዲስ ሙዚቃ በበርካታ አርቲስቶች - NEW! Music For Lemma Megersa

"ሐሳብ አለው ለማ" አርቲስቶች ለለማ መገርሳ አዲስ ሙዚቃ እነሆ አሉ - NEW Music Video Dedicated to Oromiya Regional State President Ato Lemma Megersa ዋና አዘጋጅ ብዙዓየሁ ኤጄሬ

ጠ/ሚ አብይ 'ንጉስ እንደምሆን ለመለስ ነግሬዋለሁ' PM Abiy told Meles Zenawi that he will be a leader one day.

ጠ/ሚ አብይ 'ንጉስ እንደምሆን ለመለስ ነግሬዋለሁ' PM Abiy told Meles Zenawi that he will be a leader one day

የአቶ መለስና የአቶ አብይ ንግግሮች! የማን ይማርካል? | Great Speeches From Meles & Abiy

Motivational speeches from former Prime minister Meles Zenawi and the current Prime minister Abiy Ahmed.

በዶ/ር አብይ ዙሪያ አዳዲስ መረጃዎች | ሚስጢራዊ እውነታዎች | ማን ናቸው? | Ethiopian PM Dr. Abiy Amhed Ana...

በዶ/ር አብይ ዙሪያ አዳዲስ መረጃዎች | ሚስጢራዊ እውነታዎች | ማን ናቸው? Ethiopian PM Dr. Abiy Amhed Analysis BY ELIAS MESERET, Associated Press ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Ethiopia’s ruling coalition late Tuesday named a chairman set to become the country’s new prime minister amid the latest state of emergency in Africa’s second most populous nation. The young, outspoken Abiy Ahmed is now poised to take power, as the ruling coalition and its regional affiliates hold all parliament seats. A vote by lawmakers is expected on Wednesday. The announcement followed months of the most severe anti-government protests in a quarter-century and the surprise decision by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn early this year to release prominent politicians, journalists and others from prison to free up political space. But Hailemariam later announced his intention to resign and a new state of emergency, the second in less than two years, was imposed in one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies. Earlier this week, a number of recently freed politicians and journalists were re-arrested and accused of gathering without authorities’ prior knowledge. Ethiopians had eagerly awaited news of their new leader for days, with many hoping the development would bring calm to the nation of 100 million people after the months of protests demanding wider freedoms. Abiy will be the first person from Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, the Oromo, to hold the post of prime minister since the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front came to power in 1991. The Oromo people, despite their numbers, have long felt marginalized and have played a main role in the demonstrations. The new leader, who is in his 40s, is widely seen as a fresh face in the ruling coalition, which long has been dominated by the smaller but more powerful Tigray Peoples Liberation Front. Credited with co-founding the National Intelligence and Security Service, Abiy was elected last month as chair of the Oromo People Democratic Organization, one of the ruling coalition’s four core parties, paving the way for his premiership. “A fair justice system works only when human rights are respected,” he said during a recent meeting in the Oromia region. “I believe that Dr. Abiy Ahmed is the answer to Ethiopia’s youths’ questions,” Yonas Alemayehu, an activist in the restive region, told The Associated Press. This will be the third prime minister since the current ruling coalition came to power close to 30 years ago after overthrowing the Derg military regime by force. The ruling coalition on Tuesday also decided to keep Demeke Mekonnen as deputy prime minister. The outgoing prime minister, Hailemariam, at times had been labeled as weak and in the shadow of former strongman Meles Zenawi, who died in 2012. Others argued that he successfully continued the late leader’s core policies: economic transformation and repression. In a 2016 interview with the AP, Hailemariam acknowledged that good governance was in decline in Ethiopia, a key security ally of the United States. “That is the main reason why people are protesting,” he said at the time. “This is really a positive sign. I have recently apologized in front of the parliament for our mismanagement and lack of responsibility that have generated these dissents. We are now taking measures to address those grievances.” However, the protests have continued to this day. Yilikal Getnet, a prominent opposition figure, said the declaration of two separate states of emergency and now the change in leadership showed that the tight grip that ruling elites once had over the public was now deserting them. Feta Daily | Ethiopia | Hiber Radio | ESAT | ETHSAT | ECADF | Ethiomedia | BBN Radio | Admas Radio | Admas Radio Atlanta | Abby Media | Satenaw | Dire Tube | Sodere TV | Arada Movies | Zemen TV | Official Teddy Afro | ye Adane Enat | Sosi Habeshawit | CNN | BBC | Voice of America | DW Radio | Ethiopian DJ | Mereja | Ethiopian Review | Ethio Forum | Maleda Times | Yoni Magna | Wazema Radio | SBS Amharic | Mogachoch | Dana | Senselet | Meleket | Betoch | EBS | JTV | Josy in the house show | Kana TV | Kana TV #Time | Danawit | Minew Shewa Tube | Hope Ethiopian Music

New Music video dedicated to Dr Abiy Ahmed || Abiy Zema - New music Video 2018 - Dedicated to Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali

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