Carmageddon: Max Damage B****(Road to 100 subs)

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Nerf War: First Person Shooter 9

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Carmageddon Max Damage Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

Karak reviews Carmageddon Max Damage for PS4 and Xbox One. ►Subscribe to ACG Use the following links if buying this game or other games. It helps my channel ►My Amazon Affiliate Link ►Donate to the channel ► Social Stuff & Reddit ►My Twitter: ►Subreddit: ►My Itunes: Patreon Stuff ► ► Steam Stuff: ►ACG Steam Curator Page Rent rating is a deep deep sale if you have no availability of rentels. PR supplied copy. As always copy will be purchased to give away to patrons upon its release Buy, wait for a sale, rent, or never touch it. The Patented Karak review system to see if a game is worth a buy.

Evolution of Carmageddon Games 1998-2016

Evolution of Carmageddon Games 1998-2016 Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now 1998 Carmageddon 64 1999 Carmageddon TDR 2000 Carmageddon Reincarnation 2015 Carmageddon Max Damage 2016

Carmageddon: Max Damage - Wrecking the Super Suppressor and Gameplay

1:21 Super Suppressor Fight 3:18 Super Suppressor Gameplay The Super Suppressor is somewhat the successor to the 4-wheeled Subpressor and wrecking it can be rather tedious if going in unprepared. This is one of the possible methods you can use to steal and use the vehicle to your own advantage. The "Super Suppressor" appears in a Classic Carma event called Erasing Arizona on Chapter 15 of Career mode,The vehicle is located by the three hangars between checkpoints 1 & 2 How I stole the "Super Suppressor" was by obtaining at least 100,000 credits by killing peds and wrecking opponents so I can activate the Solid Granite Car powerup (costs 100,000 credits) through the PIS system. Just as you approach the Super Suppressor activate solid granite car and combine other pups e.g. Freeze ray or Pelvic Thrust to take it down quickly.

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