Verona Italy - Top Attractions in Verona, Italy

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In this video I have prepared for you TOP 5 sights of Verona placed from 10 to 6. Of course there are so many tourist attractions in Verona but these are my favourites! Enjoy a quick and informative excursion, like my video and subscribe to my channel :) Please, watch my next video TOP 10 SIGHTS OF VERONA ITALY Part II to see the sights from 5 to 1! P. S. All the videos and pictures are taken recently.

Verona Italy 4K Video ..Best of Europe

10 Best Places to Visit in Italy - Travel Video

Located in Southern Europe, this boot-shaped country is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for a number of reasons that include art treasures, trendy fashion, stunning landscapes, passionate people and top-class cuisine. Italy offers so much to see and do that it would take a lifetime to explore.

Patrimoni dell'UNESCO - VERONA

Lungo le rive del fiume Adige sorge una città dalla storia millenaria, frutto di innumerevoli stratificazioni e fiorita in maniera decisiva sotto la signoria della famiglia Scaligera tra il secolo XIII e XIV. È Verona. Ottenuta da Giulio Cesare la cittadinanza romana nel 49 A.C., Verona diventa ben presto municipium romano potendosi fregiare del titolo di Res Publica Veronesium. Da quel momento inizia la costruzioni di edifici che ne avrebbero segnato la storia anche nei millenni a venire. È proprio grazie alla sua architettura e alla sua struttura urbana, frutto di duemila anni di sviluppo, che nel 2000 Verona è stata inserita nella lista dei Patrimoni Unesco.

Holiday to Garda village in Lake Garda, Italy (Lago di Garda)

Deciding we wanted to do an Italian Lakes / Gardasee / Lake Garda Holiday, we settled on Garda village as our hotel central spot from where we commuted each day to see the area of "Lago di Garda". If you're planning vacation holidays to Lake Garda, Italy, I'd say Garda town or Bardolino is a good spot since it's right in the middle of the coastline, so driving South or North is about 1 hour away, as opposed to staying in the South or North where driving to the other end would take about 2 hours, or more if there's traffic. Maybe Bardolino is even better than Garda because I think the choice of high quality restaurants is better, although Garda has a few gems too. I made some videos over the course of our 4 days staying in Garda, which included their market day (an art market and an antiques market), some daylight footage along the lakeside and in the small town lanes, and some evening / night time clips with all the pretty light reflections in the lake. We also stopped by Bullio gelateria since at the time of our visit it was rated the #1 gelato spot in Garda on tripadvisor - and it was indeed very good! I hope it gives a good feel of the place :) - - - Music Credits: Eagle Rock by Wes Hutchinson, Youtube Audiolibrary

Verona Italy - Top Attractions in Verona, Italy - the city of love
Verona is one of the most famous and popular cities in #Italy. It is the literary hometown of two of the world’s most famous lovers – Romeo and Juliet. The unique atmosphere of the medieval old town attracts visitors as well as the famous Roman amphitheatre. The busy, narrow streets are full of fashion boutiques and fine restaurants as far as the eye can see. The city is one of the most important tourist destinations in Italy, and a UNESCO world heritage site.
Top 14 things to do & see in Verona: 1.Castelvecchio, 2.Castelvecchio Bridge, 3.Piazza Bra, 4.Arena di Verona, 5. Via Mazzini, 6. Piazza delle Erbe, 7. Lamberti's Tower, 8.Piazza dei Signori, 9. Palazzo della Ragione, 10.Casa di Giulietta, 11. Porta dei Leoni, 12.San Fermo Maggiore, 13. Arco dei Gavi, 14. Castel San Pietro.
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Verona Italy - Top Attractions in Verona, Italy

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