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All Terraria Hardcore Deaths (Season 1-3) | PeanutButterGamer

A montage of all the deaths from PBG's Terraria Hardcore series! It would mean a lot if you could leave a like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! Subscribe to the creator of this amazing series: PeanutButterGamer: PBGGameplay: Check out the series:

STARBOUND | Trial and Failure

Wait is this episode 2 part 2? Join me as I try to teach this dummy as slowly as possible cause "I LieK tAkIn TiEm To LeArN tHiNs." ~ Used: ~ - Starbound's Soundtradk - A lot of Kevin Macleod's work: - Memes Bye from Pie~


Hope you guys enjoyed my LIVE REACTION of the INCREDIBLE FORTNITE ROCKET LAUNCH EVENT! What does this mean?! What is that RIP in the SKY?! PORTAL to another DIMENSION!? I'm pumped to find out in SEASON 5! I AM WILDCAT MERCH AVAILABLE NOW! Thanks for watching! LIKE the video if you enjoyed! Follow me on twitter: My Instagram: Friends in this video! Marksman's Channel: Drift0r's Channel: Juicetra's Channel: Follow Me on Twitch: Subscribe to my let's play channel: Apply for a Partnership: For Business Inquiries Contact: Please flag hateful comments or spam...we don't need that here :D Music from: Kevin MacLeod: No one reads this far into the description...what are you doing snooping around...


thats a lot of walking Join the discord! ---------------SHOW MORE---------------- **ALL CHARACTERS ARE OWNED BY VIACOM** NOTE: YouTube has a description limit so view full description here 16 Squidwards have been summoned into the world of MineZ, for one purpose. To please The Giant Squidward in the Sky. Join these brave squidwards as they try to escape Hell Tree, Meteor Crater, and The Shrine of The Dusk! OUR SQUIDWARDS: CRIWARD: You know him, you love him. It's no surprise that the host of the series... [YouTube] [Twitter] KYOGWARD: First discovered within the ancient serDABS of egypt... [YouTube] [Twitter] [Twitch] WISTWARD: You may know him for the sixteen other... [YouTube] [Twitter] SPICEWARD: A moment of silence, please. The best thing to grace... [YouTube] [Twitch] SALWARD: With his last breath, he cursed User. And now, he's back... [YouTube] [Twitter] SCRUBWARD: Wow, a Squidward who failed in Squidward 3 and is actually... [YouTube] [Twitter] TOADWARD: KRAKATOA! This is no mere Squidward, no boring cashier that... [YouTube] [Twitter] DANWARD: In all history of squidwards, only one can claim the esteemed... [YouTube] [Twitter] ROSSWARD: Have you ever gotten a plate of raw squid, and just ... [YouTube] [Twitter] PIGWARD: Since I'm not legally required to discuss every skin... [YouTube] [Twitter] RIVWARD: Surf and Turf. A divine delicacy known for combining ... [YouTube] [Twitter] HEROWARD: You've seen communist Squidwards. You've seen chicken hybrids... [YouTube] [Twitter] JIRAMWARD: That's right, is Squidward 4 really complete without... [YouTube] [Twitter] TAKAWARD: Having spent time growing in the gap between the last... [YouTube] [Twitter] USERWARD: The mainward you all know has returned for their ... [YouTube] [Twitter] SWANWARD: Any Ward worth their money knows that one should ... [YouTube] [Twitter] BIG THANKS!!! Portraits by ROSSWELL [YouTube] [Twitter] Intro by WHITEIMATOR [YouTube] [Twitter] Portrait edits by HERO [YouTube] [Twitter] Descriptions by SPICY [YouTube] [Twitch] Follow NOVA QUEST for content by mostly the same people! [YouTube] [Twitter] The MineZ map and mechanics were build by various members of the Shotbow Team. Visit the server on Minecraft 1.12.2 at


If you're new, Subscribe! ► Check out PBGGameplay! ► ---------- I NEED MORE ARTHUR. Let's play some Arthur Video Games, eh? - PeanutButterGamer ---------- Follow me! ---------- PBG theme: "Insert Title Here" by wilidacious on NewGrounds Audio Portal! "Happy Chiptune 5" + "Life in Tinseltown 5" from "Whacky Theater" + "Trapped in a Nightmare 6" by "Rains Will Fall" by Kevin MacLeod of Edited by Todd Schlickbernd + Peebs

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