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The Quest For Everest: Ep 1 - China: Beijing & Tibet

Karl & Chris went on a 3 week journey through China, Tibet & Nepal with the highlight of reaching Mt Everest base camp. However, their plans fall apart with Chris being hospitalised with severe altitude sickness. Will they succeed with their quest for Everest? The first episode sees their journey begin in Beijing where they visit the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City, before taking a 2 day train to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, travelling on the highest railway in the world. In Tibet they explore the various monasteries and sites before taking a bus towards Mt Everest. And that's when Chris got really ill... Check out Episode 2 as they travel to Nepal right here: Subscribe to the channel for all of the latest videos, adventures and travel tips: For all the latest updates check out Karl on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: Title music by Jack Nicholson

माउंट एवरेस्ट के ऊपर से क्या दिखता है? (The Heroes of Everest)

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Getting to Mount Everest Base Camp China Tibet Episode 2 Video | Bhavna's Kitchen

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This video episode is the first part of series getting to Mount Everest Base Camp. I thought of including the details of how I got to Mount Everest Base Camp through China.
This episode features Beijing tour and then moving towards Tibet for Mount Everest Base Camp.
Beijing Tour included Forbidden city, Tiananmen Square, Great wall and more.
Then we explored few attractions in Tibet including Potala Palace, Jokhand Temple and couple of more places.
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