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Sonic Unleashed - Night of the Werehog Music Video (Ghostbusters Theme)

A music video I made of Sonic Unleashed to the theme of ghostbusters. The video is from a promo video Sega made for the game called Night of the werehog and can be downloaded for free from the Japanese PSN store by using the PS3

Sonic Unleashed Night of the Werehog Short Film

Join Sonic and his new pal Chip, as they venture into a haunted mansion where they encounter some paranormal pranksters in this animated short film based on Sega's Sonic Unleashed action game for the PS3, Xbox 360, PS2 and Wii. For more on Sonic Unleashed, go here:

Sonic Unleashed - Night of the Werehog - Full Movie - (HD)

Sonic Unleashed - Night of the Werehog - Full Movie - (HD) A short movie from Sonic Unleashed!! All Credits and making of short film goes to Sega!! Enjoy!!Thanks for Watching!!Please remember to comment, like, favourite and subscribe!!Thanks!!

Super Mario Busters - A Ghostbusters / Super Mario Bros. Mashup

THE SEQUEL IS HERE: The Soundtrack: The Remix: More from James Farr: More from Joshua Peterson:

Night of the Werehog HD Part 2 ( 2 of 2)

The second half of the awesome short film, "Night of the Werehog" by Sega.

well, after a video that didn't make much sense I'm back with something new and special - this is my very first Video about Sonic the Hedgehog with scenes taken from the short movie "The night of the Werehog", which I think is supposed to promote the new Sonic Unleashed. well, the song is the Ghostbusters Theme covered by Bowling for Soup

and people, please DON'T ask where to download this song. Buy it off itunes, that's what I did. And I don't need comments with: "Oh, it's so expensive at iTunes, you have to buy the wohle album" - this is not my problem. There are enough other ways which I won't discuss here. Comments where you ask for the song or complain about it being so expensive will now be blocked by me.

edit: it seems like some people just can't read, so everyone who is asking where he or she can download this song for free, will be marked as spam. and if you want this song so badly, why not try google? if you want to know the artist of the song, please look somewhere at the beginning of the desciption

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