Fricken dear God (Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion 500-600)

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Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion | All encounters in Endless Mode

This video shows all encounters from Endless Mode in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion. It took 6 recordings which ended up being a total of 3.5 hours, 4 days, and a lot of patience to get all of these. Seriously, I don't think I'll even play this game until the HD version drops later. Encounters are shown in order from the original Specimen in the game, Monsters from Karamari Hospital, and Unknown Specimen exclusive to Endless Mode. Specimen 2 - 0:07 Specimen 3 - 1:02 Specimen 4 - 1:45 Specimen 5 - 2:27 Specimen 6 - 3:38 Specimen 8 - 5:08 Specimen 9 - 6:20 Specimen 10 - 6:44 Specimen 11 - 8:15 Specimen 12 - 10:03 Monster 3 - 11:30 Monster 4 - 11:51 Monster 5 - 12:52 Monster 6 - 13:16 White Face - 13:46 Otto the Otter - 16:14 Spooper - 17:06 Tirsiak - 20:36 Lisa - 21:59

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[01:15:56.452] Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion Room 1-1000 Speedrun

Important Splits: 1-250: 00:16:13.519 (Not WR) Link: 1-500: 00:34:36.563 (Not WR) Link: 1-750: 00:54:11.501 (Not WR) Link: 1-1000: 01:15:56.452 (Former WR) Link: Stats: I throught a long time if i should really do this run. At the end, it was actual my first complete try for 1-1000 that was enough, even if there are some parts i am not happy with right now. The run takes advantage from the Sticky Key Glitch, which i recently found and shared on this channel. This allowed me to get several timesaves, since i can now skip all cutscenes and elevators in the game, including the hunts from Specimen 12, which probably saved the run: This won't change much on thst fact, that the game is mostly very RNGbased, but i got much horrible rooms as well. I don't want to about Room 601-699. Most rooms was to big to escape Specimen 10 fast enough, since he gets faster when you are on to far distance, but i also don't have the time to run slow in a speedrun. Not the only example what can actually go wrong in that run. Sub 01:10:00.000 looks to a realistic goal to me; Sub 1 hour probably not.

Dear God - Poets In Autumn (Cape Town) 2017

An encouragement for when Our Father seems to have forsaken us.


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