Top World's 12 diamond producers

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Most EXPENSIVE Diamonds In The World!

Check out the most expensive diamonds in the world! You won't believe how much money the rare and valuable jewelry stones on this top list are worth! Subscribe For New Videos! Watch our "Most EXPENSIVE Liquids In The World!" video here: Watch our "Top STRANGEST Elements Ever Seen!" video here: Watch our "MYSTERIOUS Objects In The Sky!" video here: 10. The Heart of Eternity ($16 million) The stone that was made into the heart of Eternity Diamond was found at the world’s largest supplier of blue diamonds, the South African Premier Diamond Mine. Blue diamonds are incredibly rare with, on average, only one being found every year, and this one was an amazing find. The rough stone was 777 carats when it was dug up, and the owners waited until they had the perfect design idea before they started cutting it. The result was The Millenium Blue Diamonds- a series of heart, pear drop and oval shaped diamonds of which the Heart Of Eternity is the largest. In recent years it has been on tour at various exhibitions, including at the Millennium exhibition in London in 2000, followed by the Smithsonian museum. It was reportedly bought in 2012 by Floyd Mayweather to give to his fiancée, but no details of the selling price were ever revealed. The $16 million price tag is an estimate based on its size and color, but the finished piece could be worth far more when you consider what a rare piece it is. 9. The Moussaieff Red Diamond ($20 million) Diamonds come in many colors, but red ones are particularly rare. According to the Cape Town Diamond Museum there have only been up to 30 true red diamonds ever found, with most of them being less than half a carat. A farmer in Brazil found the rough stone that was to become the Moussaieff Red Diamond in the 90’s. At a weight of 13.90 carats it immediately became the center of attention. The William Goldberg Diamond Corporation from New York then bought it, and decided to cut it into a triangular brilliant cut. This process would mean losing 8.79 carats, but the resulting cranberry colored 5.11 carat gem is simply stunning. It was originally named the Red Shield, but was renamed by the Moussaieff Jewelers when they purchased it for about $8 million at the turn of the century. This diamond has regularly been to exhibitions, being shown alongside other ones in the Smithsonian. Were it to be sold, it would be expected to cost at least $20 million. 8. The Perfect Pink ($23 million) When it sold for $23 million in 2010, the Perfect Pink Diamond was the most expensive jewel that had ever been sold in Asia. It weighs 14.23 carats, is graded as fancy intense pink, and is set in a rose and white gold ring with rectangular shaped diamonds on either side. Pure Pink diamonds of more than 10 carats are very unusual, with only 18 examples having gone to auction in the past 244 years; none of which was classified as intense pink at the time of sale. This makes the Perfect Pink a truly unique piece, and explains why it sold for ten million dollars more than had been expected. 7. The Wittelsbach Diamond ($23.4 million) The first records of the Wittelsbach Diamond come from back in the 17th century when it was sold to Louis XIV of France. It has a rare blue color, and weighs 35.56 carats. The stone has a royal history, having been passed down through families since the 1600’s. It went from France, to Spain, and over to Germany, where it accompanied the German King Louis III to his burial place in 1921. At some point in the 30’s it was sold to raise money for the German government, and from here things get mysterious. No one seemed to know who had bought it, and it somehow got replaced with a piece of blue glas in the museum. Rumors of the actual diamond changing hands were rife in the following decades, until 1962 when it reappeared at a jewelery store in Belgium. It was sold in 2008 for $23.4 million and, to the dismay of diamond historians, the new owner decided that it should be recut, since it had originally been done in the early 1600’s. The resulting stone, now 21.06 carats, meant that both the color and quality were improved, and the estimated price sky-rocketed.

Doing Business In Africa - Botswana - Diamonds

When Botswana celebrated its independence from Britain in 1966 -- it was poverty stricken nation with not much going for it. Then 1 year later diamonds were discovered, paving the way for the country to become the worlds largest producer of gem diamonds. Diamonds make up two thirds of the countrys export earnings.

Top 10 World's Largest Diamond Mines

Top 10: Biggest Diamond Mines in the World The top ten world largest diamond mines by measurable reserves contain more than one billion carats of recoverable diamonds. 10. Botuobinskaya (Russia) 9. Orapa (Africa) 8. Jwaneng (Africa) 7. Grib (Russia) 6. Venetia (South Africa) 5. Catoca (Africa) 4. Argyle (Australia) 3. Mir (Russia) 2. Udachny (Russia) 1. Jubilee (Russia) THANK YOU FOR WATCHING Source: -- IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO DON'T FORGET TO LIKE & SUBSCRIBE --- Share this on Facebook: Share this on Twitter: Follow Diamancia on Twitter: See Articles by Diamancia here :

How Diamonds Are Made

Explore the video that takes you from the rough cut diamond to the finish product. A beautiful adventure to see how diamonds are created. This 10 minute infomercial is designed to be an understanding of the process of which one diamond goes through to become a ring or a pair of earrings.

Top 25 world's most corrupt countries

Song: Harvest Reverie by Play & Pause Corruption costs the world trillions of dollars each decade, and it is up to us to decide what to do about it. In many Third World countries, corruption is a big problem because many political elites don't care about their people's needs. They enrich themselves, instead of enriching their populations. Corruption is also a problem in some developed countries, France is one of the most corrupt countries in the developed world. It is sad for me to say this about my native country, but it is a reality we can no longer ignore. My country of origin, Republic of the Congo is far more worse off than France. it is very corrupt beyond imagination. Source: World's most corrupt countries The World's Most Corrupt Nations, 2010 Corruption in Africa BBC:Corruption 'costs Africa billions Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt Join with Muslim Brotherhood Against the Mubarak Government, the United States and Israel. Muslim Brotherhood challenges Jordan's king WikiLeaks: Moroccan Royals Accused of Corruption Posted Islamism Eurabia Memories of Europe's future: farewell to yesteryear,+oil+crisis,+islamization&source=bl&ots=g-ooX0E5Al&sig=3P-Inb7ABU9aVlYmrbWMFbv3UG4&hl=en&ei=oCCUTsbkGsqJ4gS9kKz9Bw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=10&ved=0CGYQ6AEwCQ#v=onepage&q=Europe%20and%20the%20Middle%20East%2C%20oil%20crisis%2C%20islamization&f=false United States fighting corruption Corruption, Zimbabwe's biggest enemy Republic of Congo Special Report: From a Fatal Fire, Many Questions Corruption in Gabon The "war on terror" has spawned a battle against corruption in Latin America Hugo Chavez, his corrupt family and FARC: Or, what a hypocrite am I!

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