Agha Waqar Ahmed Water Kit Project - What Happened To Him?

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Agha Waqar - On - Capital Talk-29 Aug 2012- Part 1/2

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How To Make Home Made Gobar gas plant By Rajiv Dixit"sDisciple.

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Motorbike runs on water | HHO | hydrogen gas generator | without petrol | with proof

Motorbike runs on water, In this project let's go to see how run a motorbike by Water it is extremely powerful fuel! Here is use Oxy-Hydrogen generator from stainless steel. i have been getting see lot of video then i thought to make this project. Materials you need: I use very simple and home equipments for this project. 1. Stainless steel i found this steel on hardware shop. 2. A glass jar. 3. Elbo pvc. 4. Plastic pypes 5. Some ss nuts and bolts. 6. Baking soda. 7. Potassium Hydro oxide. (KOH) Use potassium hydro-oxide about 6 liter water and 2-4 spoon KOH. Watch others Related Videos: Life hack||কিভাবে চাবি ছারা তালা খুলবেন||How to open Pad lock without Key||Open Pad lock||Raselhomemade Creator Homemade Alcohol Gun Sniper|How to Make Alcohol Gun easy methods|Primitive Style Diy Homemade Pulse jet Rocket| How to Make a Alcohol Rocket| Step by step by |Rasel homemade creator Slingbow||Hunting  Slingshot|| How to Make a Powerful Pocket hunting Slingshot-Primitive technology How to Make||Homemade Electric|| Sports Bike-2018 HHO Generator - Water to Fuel Converter | Dry cell | hydrogen gas | Tutorial Part-2 HHO Generator - Water to Fuel Converter | Dry cell | hydrogen gas | Tutorial Extreme powerful HHO dry cell generator | Torch | 2017 Homemade Electric motorcycle ebike-2017| Rasel homemade creator Ebike motor 48v||Brushless dc motor||48V 500W electric Motor For Homemade Electric Motorbike||By Rasel Homemade Social Media Links: Twitter: Facebook: WARNING: This project should not be attempted without adult supervision and adequate training. Misuse, or careless use, of tools or projects may result in serious injury, property damage, and/or death. Use of this video content is at your own risk. If you like this video please subscribe our channel

In July 2012, Pakistani Engineer Agha Waqar Ahmed claimed that he made a Water Fuel Kit, later he was exposed by Pakistani Scientist.

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