Vacation Vlog | Miami | Day 4 & 5

author Karen Cruz   7 дн. назад

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Vacation Vlog | Miami | Day 1

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VLOG: 19th Birthday 🎈

I hope you enjoy my second vlog, sorry that it seems like it's randomly cut off at the end, I need to get better at concluding my videos. But... Thanks for watching!

Vacation Vlog | Miami | Day 7 & 8

This concludes my vacation vlogs, thank you all for watching. It was a fun trip and I plan on making more vlogs this summer. If you enjoyed (which I hope you did)... Please give this video a big thumbs up, comment, and subscribe for more! See you in my next video.

Vacation Vlog | Miami | Day 6

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Vacation Vlog | Miami | Day 2

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