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Imran khan say about waseem waqar and inzemam

imran khan is the best ever field

Normal English vs Shashi Tharoor English | Akash Banerjee

An Indian Politician, Author, Speaker and Former Diplomat, Shashi Tharoor is definitely a man of talent! Be it his style, his accent or use of high-level vocabulary, he has stormed the internet by his great command over the English language. See this very funny video where Akash Banerjee explains us the difference between Normal people speaking English and Shashi Tharoor speaking English. Drop in your feedback in the comment box below. For more details 'Like' us on Facebook: 'Follow' us on Twitter: 'Subscribe' to the Radio Mirchi Channel: Add us to your circle on Google+:

Who is Sardar Usman Khan Buzdar | Lifestyle & Facts about Sarda Usman in Urdu

#sardar_usman_khan-buzdar You will watch in this video about: Who is Sarda Usman Khan Buzdar Chief Minister of Punjab from Elected from PTI, Lifestyle of usman buzdar, who is sardar usman khan buzdar, imran khan about sardar usman khan buzdar, Sardar Usman Ahmad Khan Buzdar is a Pakistani politician who has been a member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab since August 2018. He is the candidate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf for the office of Chief Minister of Punjab. He was born in May 1969 in Dera Ghazi Khan to Sardar Fateh Muhammad Buzdar.[1] He received his early education from Government Boys Primary School in Barthi, Punjab.[2][1] He completed his Intermediate-level education from a Government College in Multan.[2] He received a masters degree in political science from Bahauddin Zakariya University and received a degree of bachelor of laws from the Law College, Multan.[1][2] In 2001, he joined Pakistan Muslim League (Q) (PML-Q).[2] In August 2001, he was elected District Nazim of Taunsa Sharif[1] where he served until 2008.[3] He quit PML-Q after 2008 general election and joined a forward bloc.[4] According to another report, he remained politically affiliated with PML-Q until 2011.[5] He joined Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) (PML-N) prior to 2013 general election[6] and ran for the seat of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab as a candidate of PML-N from Constituency PP-241 (Dera Ghazi Khan-II), but was unsuccessful. He received 22,875 votes and lost the seat to Khawaja Muhammad Nizam-ul-Mehmood.[7] He joined Janoobi Punjab Suba Mahaz prior to the 2018 general election.[5] Janoobi Punjab Suba Mahaz merged with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in May 2018.[8] He was elected to the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab as a candidate of PTI from Constituency PP-286 (Dera Ghazi Khan-II) in the 2018 general election. He received 26,897 votes and defeated an independent candidate, Sardar Muhammad Akram Khan.[9] On 17 August 2018, Imran Khan nominated him as PTI's candidate for the office of Chief Minister of Punjab.[5] His nominates surprised many in the PTI and received criticism."Wikipedia" Haqaiq Info is educational, motivational, informational and inspirational YouTube Channel. Abdul Basit Rahi has been created this channel. He aims to create this channel to educate the people by creating useful content. The broadcaster of this channel is a messenger and sharer of information. He strives to verify, but cannot warrant the accuracy or completeness. Most of the information in the videos are based on our internet research, it may or may not be 100% accurate. If you believe that the content narrated or described in the videos or channel are not reflect to accuracy. Please feel free to contact us with authentic references to take necessary action. "Haqaiq Info" Like us on Facebook: visit us on Follow me on Twitter: basit.rahi Find me on Google Plus:

जानिए दुनिया के नये सात अजूबों के बारे में Learn About The New Seven Wonders Of Th...

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What is Pakistan’s Current Economic Crisis and How Imran Khan Govt Going to Tackle this?

What is Pakistan’s Current Economic Crisis and How Imran Khan Govt Going to Tackle this? The Wide Side discusses The Dangerous Economic Games Between America, China & Pakistan! The Pak US relations, Pak China relations, CPEC debts, IMF bailout package for Pakistan, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo statement on Pakistan that imf bailout package could possibly go to China CPEC payments and Asad Umar response over it. Articles:

Imran khan prime minister of pakistan quotes in english. by knowledge world. Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi PP, HI is a Pakistani politician and former cricketer who is the current and 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. He is also the chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. These are some inspirational motivational quotes by imran khan niazi he is now pakistan 22nd prime minister of Pakistan.
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