Guangdong, Danxia Mountain - China's naughtiest national park

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Dan and Lorna in China - Shopping in Guangzhou - Episode 3

Guangzhou is an awesome city for shopping and that's exactly what we did on day 3. In the evening we took a night boat to see the city views from the river. Website: Instagram: dan.wolfe_ Become a patron:

China's Cliff Top Village Has Brighter Future after Installing Steel Stairs

The future of a village atop a cliff is looking brighter for its residents after local authorities installed steel ladders last year for a safer climb. In a remote part of southwest China's Sichuan Province, the village of Atuleer in Zhaojue County garnered fame after pictures surfaced showing the 800-meter ascent schoolchildren and the other villagers had to make to reach it. They had to risk their lives every day as they made the trek without any safety support. However, their lives changed last August, when the local government raised one million yuan to build a set of steel stairs into the face of the cliff, replacing the bamboo ladder. The stairs are wide enough for two people to pass at the same time. Residents seem optimistic about the improved transport infrastructure in changing their isolated and impoverished village. "Before, it was dangerous. Now we have the stairs, so we are all relieved, the old and the young. The journey is safer and we are confident in shaking off poverty," said a villager, who, along with the others, belongs to the Yi ethnic minority. The local government notes that many people are interested in the unique scenery and folk culture of the cliff-top village, and have already begun implementing measures to promote tourism. "This year, my goal is to have pigs, sheep and chickens. And I also plan to plant oval oranges. I will have 100 oval orange trees and I can sell them to tourists. I can earn at least 20,000 yuan a year. This is my goal after we have tourists," said another villager.!language=1 Subscribe us on Youtube: CCTV+ official website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

Jade Hunters Of China. In the high mountains of China men gamble with their money, and their lives.

Jade Hunters Of China High in the mountains of China men gamble with their money, and their lives. The prize is some of the finest jade on earth, but winning it requires many sacrifices. Life is not easy for these men, who dedicate their life to excavating this rare stone. Credit Video to : "Gold is valuable but Jade is priceless".......................Ancient Chinese Proverb Thank you for your interest Shop : YouTube : Google+ : Twitter : Facebook : wordpress : Blog : E-mail :

Dreamland or homeland: the Venezuelan Chinese dilemma

In the past five years, an estimated 80,000 Chinese business people have left Venezuela, fleeing the political and social unrest that continues to rock the South American nation. Most were born in Enping, Guangdong province, but many have found it hard to blend back into local life since returning to the city. After getting a taste of financial success in Venezuela, many are considering leaving their hometown once more to try luck overseas a second time. (Photo: SCMP’s Lea Li)

China High Speed Rail (CRH) REVIEW - Over 300kmh | Amazing Bullet Train + Street Food

Riding and reviewing China's FASTEST BULLET TRAINS! Speeds up to 350km/h! Have you ever taken the High Speed Rail in China? Let us know in the comments what your experience was like, and where were you going?! Don't forget to subscribe to the main channel - Today we traveled from Yangshuo, China to Chongqing, China aboard the fastest trains in the whole country! We show you some of the features of the interior of the train in 2nd class seating. It was great, but 1st class is even better. And if you feel like delving deep into your pockets, you can check out the China High Speed Rail business class! We hope you enjoy our review! ======================================================== This is the second channel for Chopstick Travel and Luke Martin! We will be showcasing uncut and RAW footage of Street Food around the world and Travel snippets from our world adventures! We love to eat and travel and believe its the best way to discover a culture! We want you to travel for food too! Follow us for a closer look behind the scenes

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Only an hour from Guangzhou by fast train, is a national park called Danxia (丹霞山). Curiously there is a mountain that has been naturally shaped into a "male tool", as well as a cave that is shaped very much like the "female tool". This makes the area significant to Daoists as it represents the female (Yin) and male (Yang).

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