Discover Allegany County: Bareknuckle Boxing

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Beginner Boxing - Are You Too Old to Box? 4 Reasons to Get Started

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OLD school French boxing SAVATE - BLOG. Great fighters of savate were the first full contact boxers in Europe. Fred Royers (eurosport), Jotic (WAKO-Serbia), Ernesto Hoost (K1) are some names. Francois Pennacchio (savate) - won a match against Ramon Dekkers (muay thai) and Alain Zankifo (savate) won Mike Zambidis (K1). Later Farid Khider (savate) won Yuma Yamamoto (K1. Is savate really to dangerous to be internationalised or is it just because of its european roots?

[OLD VIDEO] How To Condition Your Knuckles | Hand & Wrist Conditioning

WATCH THE UPDATED VIDEO HERE: I am often asked, "Shane, how can I condition my knuckles?" or harden the bones in your hand, or strengthen your wrist, or some variation of this. In this FAQ video I talk about why I don't believe in knuckle conditioning, and why you should stick to forearm strengthening exercises instead. SUBSCRIBE before your opponent does► Get your own fighTIPS shirts► Don't injure your hands. You don't need to strengthen your knuckles for martial arts or harden them in some crazy way like punching a wall. Your fists and hands will naturally condition when hitting a heavy bag (with handwraps and gloves on!), plus other forearm workouts. Don't cause unnecessary harm to your hands trying to condition them. Get more fight tips by following Shane at► Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |


Inspirational Video: Movies: Forever Strong, Pursuit of Happyness, Miracle, Any Given Sunday, Friday Night Lights, Rocky, Gladiator, Shawshank Redemption, Remember the Titans Song: Everyday, Carly Commando NOTES FROM COMMON COMMENTATORS' CRITIQUES: -The Quote by Winston Churchill has always been attributed to him. The placement of Abraham Lincoln next to the quote was a visual example of Churchill's words and not meant to be attributed to Lincoln. As an example, the second quote by Winston Churchill at 6:17 is placed next to a picture of a firefighter but is not to be attributed to the firefighter. Rather an example of the great words stated by Winston Churchill. Thank you for those who have commented about this confusion. -There are many amazing sports clips, quotes, and individuals that are not included in this video. None were left out on purpose and in no way is this video comprehensive of the great people who have accomplished great things and motivated others. (More videos to come later to feature more great inspirations). -It is understood that sports accomplishments are generally not viewed as greater accomplishments than scientific, religious, social, economic, and charitable accomplishments. However, this video's theme is mainly set to sports. In no way is this meant to communicate the message that sports are more important than the latter. Don't read into it more than necessary. -The fact that women are not included in this video was not purposeful in a sexist way, but rather it was because the video was made for an audience that, at the time, included mainly male sports enthusiasts. There are many amazing women in sports and outside of sports that have accomplished great things and are an inspiration to all, however, this video was not made to celebrate that. (Videos to come soon will cover many of these issues.) Additionally, the video portrays principally U.S. athletes and sports. Please do not be offended or believe that this is to say other countries are lesser. Other countries and other sports have amazing individuals and success stories that are inspiring but the original audience this was made for was more familiar with the U.S. and U.S. athletes. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING

Accuracy vs Precision: Gardening Gloves/Bare-Knuckle Boxing

On the topic of Accuracy vs Precision, Shane explains the difference and demonstrates an old school method of training to improve both. By going bare-knuckle (or wearing gardening gloves) on the heavybag, it forces you to not only keep perfect form, but to choose which individual knuckles you will strike with. Avoid cracking the skin on your knuckles by wearing a simple pair of gardening gloves form your local hardware store! Knuckle Conditioning► Subscribe to fightTIPS► FOLLOW: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

Discover Bareknuckle Boxing in scenic Allegany County, NY.

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