Discover Allegany County: Bareknuckle Boxing

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Traditional bare-knuckle boxing a hit in Limpopo

For more on this and other stories please visit Limpopo, December 29 - The Limpopo village of Nzhelele has celebrated the festive season with Musangwe - their annual bare-knuckle boxing tournament.

Accuracy vs Precision: Gardening Gloves/Bare-Knuckle Boxing

On the topic of Accuracy vs Precision, Shane explains the difference and demonstrates an old school method of training to improve both. By going bare-knuckle (or wearing gardening gloves) on the heavybag, it forces you to not only keep perfect form, but to choose which individual knuckles you will strike with. Avoid cracking the skin on your knuckles by wearing a simple pair of gardening gloves form your local hardware store! Knuckle Conditioning► Subscribe to fightTIPS► FOLLOW: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

Beginner Boxing - Are You Too Old to Box? 4 Reasons to Get Started

Sign up and blast through your limitations with this free 40 minute video - Best in Class Instructional Videos - Boxing App (iTunes) - Boxing App (Play) - Boxing App (Windows) - Check me out on Instagram - -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "10 Tips for Your First Ever Sparring Session" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Bare Knuckle Boxing: Old School Power Movements

The Fall Step, The Shoulder Whirl, The Upward Surge. The Spring Step; the more of these we can successfully integrate into our punching techniques the more natural power we will have available to purnish our opponents with. This video demonstrates all 4 of the movements used in a left hook and the use of superbands for acceleration and explosive power development.

Our surprising find on NYS land in Allegany County.

So, Rob and the boys were out for a walk last weekend, and they came across this water ? system. We went out today with the whole family and took some pics and video. Any one know what this is? There is a pipe in the small well-like hole in between the boggy area and the bigger stoned in area, looks like when water level gets high, the water runs fron the small hole to the big one via the pipe. (?) Maybe a familiar site to someone who grew up on a farm??

Discover Bareknuckle Boxing in scenic Allegany County, NY.

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