BEACH - Elsa & Anna toddlers - Vacation Sunbathe - Seagulls - Sand Play

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Giant Slide in our room on the cruise and fun indoor playground for kids!

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Dream Machine Adventure! Crazy Dream Land Battle Sabotage!

Elijah invents a new Dream Machine from his new VR headset, and decides to try it out. He first goes into Ryans dream where he's in a starwars world having a lightsaber battle with clones! He asks for some extra money, and finds out he can change people in their dreams! Summer Felipe and Ryan all start doing stuff for elijah. Every night Elijah goes into their dreams, going to candyland, Fantasy Pony worlds, and Ancient Mystical Forests, but they find out and decide to go into his dream and have a nerf battle to end it all! Thanks for watching! Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! The question this week is... What's the Craziest Dream You've Ever Had? Comment Below! Instagram: Facebook: Business:

This toys dolls parody video shows ELSA and ANNA toddlers on Vacation having a lot of fun at the Beach. They play in the sand, enjoy the ocean and the sun. They apply sunscreen and sunbathe. Also funny seagulls come time at the beach! Watch the movie ...enjoy!

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