Beach Road from Soi 6 to Soi 1 - Pattaya Thailand

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Day Time Fun - Pattaya Thailand - Beach road & Soi 7

In this video you will see street life in Pattaya Thailand on the Beach road, soi Buakhao and soi 7. ♦♦♦ Book hotels in Thailand with a discount: ♦♦♦ If this channel has helped you and you wish to support it please donate here: Subscribe to the channel Pattaya hotels: Overview of Pattaya hotels, Pattaya nightlife and Pattaya girls & ladyboys:

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What NOT to do as an Expat in Thailand

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Pattaya Thailand Beach Road.
In this video You'll see walk along Beach road Pattaya Thailand at evening time from Soi 6 Pattaya to Pattaya soi 1.
Pattaya Beach road is a small section of road near the sea. But for many Pattaya’s reputation is far darker than just a party city.

This video was filmed on the Beach road Pattaya Thailand in december 2018.

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