Chania Crete - Beaches, Food and Sunsets

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GREECE: A Walk Around Chania

Walking around the Old Town of Chania, Greece.

Chania beaches

Choose from 42 beaches of Chania which is the best what will excite you to visit

Cretan Food - What should you try on Crete?

Are you wondering what should you try on crete? Here is my list of famous cretan cousine. Menu: - Falafel - Gyros Pita - Goat cheese - Olives - Herbs - Local vegetables - Greek yogurt - Olive oil - Greek coffee - Melitzanosalata - Dakos - Stuffed Zucchini flowers - Gratin of Eggplants with white and nuts - Greek salat - Stamnagathi - Beef burger with mint - Souvlaki - Raki - Baklava Music: * Tender Love Theme Camera: * iPhone 5

Crete 2017

Suite à notre voyage en Crète on voulait vous faire partager ces quelques images! 🎬😁📽🏝 On a pu découvrir les plus belles plages de la Canée 🏖 : Elafonisi, Balos, Seitan Limani, Falassarna, le charme de la vieille ville et du port vénitien de Chania 🌆, le petit village de Loutro ⛵, les gorges de Samaria🏞, le palais de Knossos🏛, le lac de Kournas🚣, sans oublier les monastères de Chrysoskalitissa, d'Agia Triada 💒 et bien d'autres endroits qu'on a tout autant adoré!!! 😍😲 En résumé, on ne peut que vous conseiller d'y aller!!👍😉 📷 Plus d'infos et de photos sur notre Instagram : 🔎 A bientôt!

Chania: The Cretan Soul

Cretans are true and proud of their way of life. They know all about living life to the full and Chania is no exception. The city’s GENUINE SPIRIT AND GENEROUS SOUL captivates each visitor, who wishes their holidays would never end. Splendid beaches, wonderful cuisine, local traditions and customs that date back centuries… Chania is a snapshot of a wonderful wider destination

The charming city of Chania, Crete. Usually full of traveling tourists and locals, Chania is a great destination if you believe that there is no life like the good life. The harbour itself is usually bustling with activity as restauranteurs pull tourists in for some tasty food choices and there are plenty of options for drink, too - whether it's a sit-down for a tasty crisp Mythos or a trendy little water-front bar, the options are aplenty.
Chania's surrounding beaches are pretty awesome, as well, ducked into the coves along the coastline on the outskirts of the city. Enjoy the crystal clear waters and the soft sands as we take a stroll through some of them.
Many boat rides are offered from the Chania harbour and we jump on one of them here, taking the 'Sunset Cruise' for some glass bottom boat sightseeing - and the sunrise is spectacular.
Sunsets, a boat ride, food and beaches - there's no life like the good life. Not too far at all from the airport, Chania has it all.


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