Morocco waterfall

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134 m Nevis Bungy Jump, New Zealand. This Swedish girl is SCARED!

Morocco - Agadir - TV Traveller

Agadir is a city in southwest Morocco. The city is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Agadir is an important fishing and commercial port. It is also a famous seaside resort with a long sandy beach. Algeria borders Morocco to the east and southeast though the border between the two countries has been closed since 1994. There are also four Spanish enclaves on the Mediterranean coast: Ceuta, Melilla, Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera, Peñón de Alhucemas, and the Chafarinas islands, as well as the disputed islet Perejil. Off the Atlantic coast the Canary Islands belong to Spain, whereas Madeira to the north is Portuguese. To the north, Morocco is bordered by and controls part of the Strait of Gibraltar, giving it power over the waterways in and out of the Mediterranean sea. The Rif mountains occupy the region bordering the Mediterranean from the north-west to the north-east. The Atlas Mountains run down the backbone of the country, from the south west to the north east. Most of the south east portion of the country is in the Sahara Desert and as such is generally sparsely populated and unproductive economically. Most of the population lives to the north of these mountains, while to the south is the desert. To the south, lies the Western Sahara, a former Spanish colony that was annexed by Morocco in 1975 (see Green March). Morocco claims that the Western Sahara is part of its territory and refers to that as its Southern Provinces.

Akchor Pont de Dieu Chefchaouen 2017 أقشور شفشاون

أقشور بعيون ملالية جمال بلادي القنطرة الربانية

Valley Paradise Agadir Morocco

Please Subscribe and like La vallée du Paradis porte très bien son nom. C'est un véritable paradis. il faut marcher un peu pour le découvrir mais une fois arrivé c'est splendide. Époustouflant. Visite impressionnante. Les montagnes, les lignes dans la roche, ... On se croirait dans le Grand Canyon à certains moments. A 1 heure de route depuis Agadir (partir sans enfants car la route eSt goudronnée mais sinueuse en pleine montagne roulé à 40 kmH)arrivé sur le site prendre un guide (10 dirhams) marché 25 min il est préférable d'y allé le matin car le soleil en pleine après-midi et en marchant devient très difficile et physique,Cest un bel oasis naturel(il y a des mini stand qui vendent des boissons fraîches ce qui est pas négligeable)par ailleurs l'eau y est légèrement trouble par rapport au photo et le point négatif=les ordures en pleine nature (prendre un sac à d'eau baskets Obligatoire,et sandales pour allez dans l'eau sa glisse énormément) Nous en avons profité pour aller manger au restaurant le Panorama et profiter de la piscine et terrasse avant de reprendre la route vers Agadir. Une très belle journée. Havre de paix et de tranquillité non loin d agadir.n'hésitez pas à louer une voiture.l'accès est très bien indiqué.des petites gargotes proposent à bas prix d'excellents tagines installés les pieds dans la rivière " " English :" " It was a long walk to get to the part where everyone swims and rest. Also very scary to walk especially with young kids. Not recommended during high heat and young kids. Bring food & drinks. This is a MUST SEE for anyone travelling the South of Morocco. Yes you need sensible shoes, but I also saw lots of people in sandals and sliders so its not impossible to do in any footwear. We took a BBQ and had a lovely picnic there.Its a place where you can see millions of years of history where 2 tectonic plates meet. I enjoyed everything about this day, even the blistering heat What an amazing place. After a 30 minute hike (wear trainers!) we were taken to the last fresh water ravine. There are 3 you see, the first you stumble upon is very busy so we decided to see the last one, furthest, first. We jumped from the rocks into the pools and swam with fishes. It was such a great atmosphere with people from all cultures and nationalities coming together to enjoy themselves. We then wandered down to the other two, no large rocks to jump off of but still lovely none the less.  I would say to be careful, the rocks were VERY slippy but it didn’t ruin our day. The beauty of this place is enough to suggest a visit.  The guide we had was also very lovely, we gave him 200 dh as he was great, friendly and stopped me from falling on many occasions! 100% worth a visit! Summer is coming " " " Spanish " " " Alojados en la turística ciudad de Agadir, fuimos a pasar la mañana a este verde valle en el que abundan las pozas. A pesar de que en ciertas zonas el camino no esté del todo bien señalizado y que las primeras acumulaciones de agua puedan parecer atestadas de gente, si se continúa andando se podrá llegar a charcas más tranquilas. Recomendable calzado cómodo. Salí por el pueblo de arriba... muy dura la subida, pero valió la pena. el chiringuito del rio esta bien pero no es nada espectacular. Mejor llevarse el picnic.

منابع أم الربيع , جنة الله فوق أرضه. خنيفرة .المغرب

روبورتاج : منابع أم الربيع , جنة الله فوق أرضه. خنيفرة .المغرب تصوير ,توضيب, وإخراج: عزالدين كايز خنيفرة: 2015

Morocco waterfall.

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