Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Japan │ Tourists Attractions In Japan │ Japan Visiting Places

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Japan Travel Guide: Tokyo Top 15 Things to Do, See, and Eat

A travel guide and tips for fifteen of the best things to do, see, and eat on your trip to Tokyo, Japan 東京! Start here for your Tokyo travel planning to see some of Tokyo's top attractions. 15 - Tsukiji Fish Market (0:42) 14 - Karaoke (3:12) 13 - Ginza (4:16) 12 - Vending Machines (6:21) 11 - Robot Restaurant Shinjuku (7:27) 10 - Meiji Shrine (9:19) 9 - Akihabara (10:27) 8 - Owl Café (13:07) 7 - Sensoji Temple (14:09) 6 - Shibuya (15:14) 5 - Yanaka (17:47) 4 - Imperial Palace (19:28) 3 - Pokemon Center (20:26) 2 - Harajuku (22:17) 1 - Food & Dining (25:17) MORE INFORMATION Location for Kobe beef skewers:,139.7714835,19z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x605d1b87f02e57e7:0x2e01618b22571b89!2sTokyo,+Japan!3b1!8m2!3d35.6894875!4d139.6917064!3m4!1s0x60188c1d949387bb:0xccb0366fd151d731!8m2!3d35.7008091!4d139.7717182 Tsukiji Market Karaoke Kan - Shibuya (Lost in Translation location) Robot Restaurant Meiji Shrine - Events Schedule AkibaFukurou Owl Café Uobei Sushi Shibuya Pokémon Centers MUSIC All tracks licensed under a Creative Commons License unless otherwise noted. Other tracks under private license. Flight Intro: Capellimusic - Shakuhachi Dream (2010) Intro Montage: Cojema Tech - Tokyo Tsukiji Market: 凛RIN (Rin Ishi) - 夏の花火/Summer of Fireworks [FULL VERSION] Ginza: Sir Price - Free Your Soul Robot Restaurant: athoshun - 助数詞のメタル (Josuushi no Metal - Japanese Counters Metal song) Meiji Shrine: Miguel Mendez - Kanmonkyo Akihabara: Aritus 🌸 - Serene Cojema Tech - Carpe Diem Sensoji Temple: explodecreative - The Tokyo Business Hotel Shibuya: Tonez&Re-C - Kyoto Yanaka: 凛RIN (Rin Ishi) - Ocean Day/海の日 Imperial Palace: Taghaze - Bass Speaks Louder than Words (Japan Riddim) (clip) - FEM Picks Harajuku: Spiedkiks - Little Smartphone People Kontinuum - First Rain Provided by NoCopyrightSounds Shot on Canon XC10 and iPhone 7 plus

Japanese Street Food - OSAKA SEAFOOD Giant Scallops, Oysters, Sea Urchin Japan

5 Reasons Why The Japanese Are So Polite

Politeness is a typical characteristic of the Japanese that other people admire, and here are five possible reasons why.

Tokyo Tourist Traps | Japan Travel Tips

Here is a Japan travel guide on some of the tourist traps in Tokyo and some places you could avoid in Tokyo. I hope the japan travel tips and advice gives you a heads up before travelling to Japan and makes your trip a smoother one! :) Places mentioned in order: TOKYO TOWER Option: Instead of paying to go up the tower, enjoy Tokyo Tower from the surroundings - Shiba Park (Shiba koen) - Zozoji Temple or go up other places for free views of Tokyo - Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (in Shinjuku) - Carette Shiodome - Bunkyo Civic Center - Carrot Tower (in Sangenjaya) HARAJUKU TAKESHITADORI Option: Check out the back streets, hidden paths and traditional places - Brahms Path - Harajuku Street (Back streets with vintage shops, second hand shops, hipster hangouts etc) - Tokyu Plaza Rooftop - Meiji Shrine - Yoyogi Park SKY TREE Option: Look at sky tree from other view points and take a short 15 minute stroll to Asakusa - Solamachi 30th Floor - Asakusa GOLDEN GAI DRINKING ALLEY Option: Instead of paying the high table charge, check out local Japanese yokocho (back alleys filled with tiny bars and restaurants) - Shibuya Nombei Yokocho - Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho - Ebisu Yokocho - Sangenjaya Chitai Yokocho - Yurakucho Sanchoku Inshokugai Phewwww... that was a lot to write haha, if you read up to here - you are the BEST!! Leave me a comment with your favourite emoji! See you guys soon in my next videoooooo!! Join me on Patreon for bonus videos, live streams and much more! ☺ ------------------------------------------------------------- ➱ CONNECT WITH ME INSTAGRAM TWITTER ➱ MUSIC Bensound | Moose

Tokyo's Secret Island Paradise | AOGASHIMA ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Jurassic Park may be the first thing that comes to mind when you see Aogashima Island from the air - but yes, THIS IS TOKYO! It's famous for having a volcano inside a volcano surrounded by dense jungle. It's also considered the smallest town in Japan and the hardest place in Japan to get to. There is no direct transportation to Aogashima. These facts are what make Aogashima the best kept secret in Tokyo! The island is unspoiled. The pristine jungles and beautiful ocean views are like scenes from the movies. HOW TO GET TO AOGASHIMA Air ▶︎ Haneda Airport (Tokyo) to Hachijojima / 50 minutes ▶︎ Helicopter to Aogashima - 20 minutes / 11,530 Yen Note: You have to take the first flight to catch the helicopter or spend the night. Only 1 helicopter flight per day. Sea (Ferry) ▶︎ Takeshiba Pier (Tokyo) to Hachijojima 11-12 hours / Tokai Kisen Line / ▶︎ Hachijojima to Aogashima / 3 hours / Izu Shoto Kaihatsu Line Note: The ferry to Aogashima is often canceled so don't rely on this if you need to be back to Tokyo for a flight etc. It can be delayed for as long as 1 week depending on weather! WHY IS THIS THE HARDEST PLACE TO GET TO? The town is located 200 meters up off the sea. There is no airport and this island is only accessible by helicopter and ferry. The port is one of the most challenging to dock at in the world so when the sea is rough or the wind is too strong, ferries are often canceled. Visitors may be stranded here for a week or more if the weather turns bad. MUST SEE PLACES on AOGASHIMA ★ Ao-Chu Shochu distillery ★ Aogashima heliport ★ The volcanic island steamer (for lunch) ★ The island sauna ★ Oyamatenbo Park (Observation Area) for the view over the crater and the sky at night ★ Aogashima Port ★ Maruyama & Shrine FOOD TO TRY ★ Torinabe (Chicken Soup Pot) ★ Ashitaba (an island leaf / herb that's used in cooking) ★ Island fish in season Note: you can ask your inn about trying these at scheduled meals THINGS TO NOTE ABOUT VISITING AOGASHIMA 1) You must have a reservation to stay somewhere before arriving. Lodging is limited. Call ahead, even for camping. 2) There is an ATM at the post office but come with cash just in case 3) Helicopters are often sold out a month in advance. Ferry tickets are easy to get but your departure date may not be convenient. 4) Walking is possible everywhere but many tourists rent a car. Other tourists may pick you up if you hitchhike. It takes 80 minutes to walk from the heliport to Aogashima pier. URL: ▶︎ Aogashima's Official Page ▶︎ Tokyo's Island Helicopter Service (Online Reservations) ▶︎ Ao-chu (青酎) Aogashima Island Shochu Brand (Hotel / Inn) Onyado Tomotame / 御宿為朝 telephone: +81 4996-9-0410 owner: Kyoko-san (Japanese only) ▶︎ Aogashimamura Camping Ground telephone: 04996-9-0111  email contact: Special thank you to Akira-san, Yoshino-san, Kyoko-san and Moemi-san and all the kind residents of Aogashima who made me feel a part of the island family! I stayed on the island from July 23 to July 30. Drone scenes shot with the DJI MAVIC PRO Music Credits: ▷ TEKNOAXE (love his stuff) Jungle - a Royal Feast / Bedtime Story Adventures - Piano/Background ▷ Groovy Baby by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: ▷ Out of the Skies, Under the Earth by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: ▷ SUBTITLES: If you'd like to help out and submit a subtitle in your language, I'd really appreciate it so we can reach more people! THANK YOU! You'll be listed as a collaborator for this video too :) -john This show has been created and produced by John Daub ジョン・ドーブ. He's been living and working in Japan for over 19 years and regularly reports on TV for Japan's International Channel.

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Japan │ Tourists Attractions In Japan │ Japan Visiting Places

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This is a video of Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Japan . If you are a travel lover and want to visit the best places all over the world, You can visit In Japan. This is one of the best places to visit in the world.

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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Japan │ Tourists Attractions In Japan │ Japan Visiting Places

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