AA battery driveable QS30-1 NIXIE Module for Arduino / AVR / PIC / STM / ARM /PI V1.0.

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AA battery driveable QS30-1 NIXIE Module for Arduino / AVR / PIC / STM / ARM /PI V1.0.


Tube Name:QS30-1(FENGGUANG);
Module Supply: 2V~7V DC;
Max Current: 150mA;
Module Size:38mm(L)*38mm(W)*43mm(H);
PCB Size:38mm*38mm;
PCB Color:Black;
The module works with 2 AA batteries (in serial),and also works with any standard USB power supply,use only high-quality adapter!

1).Very small size module,only 38mm*38mm,fits for a lot of tiny EE works;
2).Wild supply range,works fine with any 5V USB powered ARDUINO or other 5V/3V3 MCUs ,easy to be used. For driving less than 5 modules together,can connect to your computer's USB plugs directly.(For working under 3V,the Blue/Green LED may not be able to light up,but the NIXIE tube and red led work fine).
3).High effenciency design,low current. Usually one module needs only about 100mA current under 5V DC supply, so for 1~8 modules can be drived together via regular Dupont Line.For driving over 4 modules together,recommand you using a 5V/1A USB adapter.
4).Module contains a self testing switch,when press the test key down,the NUM-"8" will light up,easy for tesing the module.
5).74HC595 driving chips,simple 3-wire SP I interface,with /OE and HVEN pins,can adjust the global brightness via PWM signal and shutdown the High Voltage completely.
6).Contains over-current protection, and reverse connection protection circuits.
7).With 2 dots on the right and left side,you can create not only the NIXIE clock app but also the "Divergence Meter" from the Steins' Gate style looking with 8 modules.
8).Open source ARDUINO NUO source code,provide high level nixie_printf() function,easy to be used,can control the left and right dots in this function either.
9).We provide extra 1PCS acrylic back board for connecting 2,4,6,8,10 modules together for free.
10).Tri-colored RGB LED mounted under the NIXIE tube.
11).Beautiful CAD designed acrylic casemade using a laser cutter makes the module look beautiful. You can assamble/disassamble the case by using only 4 screws on the bottom/top of the case.

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