Spark The Electric Jester - Final Boss

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[Spark the Electric Jester OST] 25 - Ultimate Final Boss

Spark the Electric Jester Original Soundtrack 25 - Ultimate Final Boss Composed by Falk Au Yeong Bandcamp: Also available for purchase via iTunes and streaming via Spotify & Amazon Prime Spark the Electric Jester on Steam: Music © 2017 Falk Au Yeong & Materia Collective Spark the Electric Jester © Felipe Daneluz Used with Permission

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 - Final Boss - Ending and Credits

Spark The Electric Jester - Boss Battles

Note: So I made just a couple of video editing errors. The sound fades out at the first boss and near the end of two of boss fights on a later stage for just a couple seconds. Considering how long the video took to put together I didn't feel like rendering again so I apologize for the errors. (If it turns out there are more errors I'll redo the video again.) Subject: This video contains all the bosses for Spark The Electric Jester on steam. The game is a very Sonic like game similar to which also seems to borrow some elements from Kirby. (Which I approve.) This is mostly a casual boss run though I try to take minimal damage. Info: Spark The Electric Jester was released on Steam exactly a week ago. Truthfully I never heard anything about it but man am I glad it was brought to my attention as it is a really fun game. It is pretty much like playing Sonic if it was a bit slower and had Kirby power ups mixed in the game which I found to be interesting. As for the bosses they can be a bit challenging though having certain abilities make them a bit easier to deal with. Most of them seem to follow a set pattern much like Kirby bosses do so that makes them a bit easier to deal with as well.

Spark The Electric Jester [Aug. 2016 DEMO] All Power-ups

Spark the electric jester is an action platformer based on classic games from the 16-bit era. EDIT: This is an old video, I changed my name. Power-Ups: -Bat: 0:25 -Wind: 0:57 -Knight: 1:26 -Magical: 2:30 -Hammer: 2:47 -Mage: 3:27 -Archer: 4:15 -Fire: 6:57 -Edgy: 7:12 -Cool: 9:43 -Gravity: 9:57 -Board: 10:36 Download: ____________________ Follow me on Twitter!: Subscribe:

Fark the Electric Jester - Progress Trailer. - Demo In Descrption

Demo link: Showing some development progress. Game is still not ready for another public demo, please be patient. Support me on patreon if you feel like supporting this game. Twitter: Patreon:

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