Spark The Electric Jester - Final Boss

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Spark the Electric Jester Review - Richard Review

Credits: Writer/Editor - Mr Richard Title Card/Assets - Kyle Labriola Disclaimer: The Richard Review claims no ownership over any of the copyrighted material featured in this video. Title Card/Art Assets

The Best "3D Sonic Game" - Fark The Electric Jester - New Demo Gameplay Showcase

Here's also a speedrun for the first stage of this demo because why not :3 Here it is, the improved version of the Fark The Electric Jester Demo which I featured on my channel last Summer. And boy does it feel more polished. First off, level design has been a bit more streamlined but also more focused. Secondly, there is now a dedicated lock-on button, similar to Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. And lastly, the game in general is better optimized compared to the last demo. Now here's a surprise, the demo has cutscenes too, complete with a brief summary of the game Spark The Electric Jester, which I recommend you play it BTW. I will say as a fair warning, the dialogue can get a bit too... edgy at times, but I kind of like it. :) You can get the demo from here: Here's the link to LakeFeperd's Progress Trailer: And here's my video of the first Fark Demo for comparison: The game was recorded using ShadowPlay at 1080p Good Settings.

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 - Final Boss - Ending and Credits

Spark The Electric Jester - Final Boss - Ending

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Megaman Battle Network 5 - VS. Nebula Gray

The theme of the Nebula Gray battle Extended to 15 minutes

*whispers* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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